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Inspired by the ancient symbolism and traditional techniques passed down through generations.  Designs and creations made with love and blessings to honour ancestors and to protect and celebrate future generations.  Artisinal, hand-made work is not rushed, the focus is on the quality and meaning of each piece.


A celebration of natural and organic luxury, our textiles and materials are sourced from their origins with each piece either handmade or hand finished using couture techniques, whilst keeping our collections accessible and aspirational.



Responsible sourcing of all our materials ensures that each piece is made to the highest environmental standard with a focus on small collections of slow fashion and handmade pieces to last you a lifetime.


We celebrate local artisans and work with the Moroccan community and cooperatives to bring Amazigh design and skills to an international audience.  Keeping production in Morocco, we work with local tailors, silversmiths, embroiderers, project managers and fantastic production and photographic teams.


Our People

Meet the Founders and the inspiring team behind Mish Mish

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