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Jo Tutchener Sharp

Founder Of Award-winning Adults And Children’s Brand, Scamp & Dude


What has inspired you most this past year?

Marcus Rashford has inspired me so much over the past year, mainly his campaigning to make sure vulnerable kids get a decent meal when schools were closed during lockdown, and the money he has personally donated to help those in need too. I love people who have a purpose that burns in their heart so strongly that they absolutely have to act on to make a positive change. So inspiring.

What are you most excited about for the future?

The more women in leadership across the world, the more human the world becomes, not just from an equality point of view but I believe women often bring a more real and human approach to leadership, not all women of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but look at Jacinda Ardern for example I find her so inspiring, she is such a real, warm, human leader.

What do you believe are the greatest challenges facing women today?

Thejuggle between being a mother and a career is something that I have struggled with and have seen so many of my friends struggle with too. It’s so hard that we have to choose and juggle like crazy to be a great mum, spend quality time with the kids and also run a successful business... When I launched Scamp & Dude I was often called a Mumpreneur in the industry which drove me potty. Why am I not simply called an entrepreneur like men who are fathers and also run their own business? You never head men being called ‘Dadpreneurs’.

Whose words and views inspire you?

I love Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, Greta Thunberg are all inspiring in different ways.

Is it important to celebrate cultures outside of our own?  why?

Absolutely, this is what makes this world so special. I love learning more and experiencing different cultures, the world would be a very boring place if we all lived the same way and believed in the same things. Different cultures make travel so exciting, experiencing new cultures is part of the magic of life and keeps us all learning.

What do you love or remember most about Morocco?

I’ve had many trips to Morocco and loved them all for different reasons, it really is a magical place. There is something about wandering around the souk that is just so exciting. My most memorable trips have to be when Jess had her 40th there, a very special weekend that I’ll never forget. Also, our second ever Scamp & Dude photoshoot was held just outside Marrakech, which made for the most stunning backdrop and resulted in a really special

memorable weekend.

Have your shopping habits over the last year?

Nothing has changed for me. I have shopped online over the past few years due to a lack of time to visit actual shops since launching Scamp & Dude. I always make time to head into London and visit Liberty though which is a really magical store and has to be seen.

If we adopt one new rule about shopping better, what would it be?

I love to shop with brands who are doing more than just selling something to make money. I try and shop with independent brands as I know how important it is to support small businesses, but especially brands that have a purpose, who donate to charity, who are helping to make the world a better place. Those are the brands that make a difference and get my support. Like the work we do at Scamp & Dude to help those having a really hard time and also the work Mish Mish is doing to support women in Morocco.

Do you have any mantras or quotes you live by?

“But what if it all goes right?” I love this quote so much and have it on the wall at home to keep reminding us all to follow our dreams. So many people are scared of things going wrong so don’t take the leap, but life is so short and we only live once so it’s so important to take risks, learn more, experience more and live the fullest life possible.

Who is your style icon now?

Matthew Williamson from a fashion and interiors point of view as I love his use of vibrant colours and bold prints. The way he uses colour is just stunning.

Which Mish Mish product have you got your eye on?

I really love the CHOICE necklace, it’s so pretty and I love what it stands for. I also absolutely love the Handira wedding blanket coat, it’s stunning.

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