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Zanna Roberts Rassi

Co-founder of Milk Make Up and Fashion Editor of Marie Claire U.S


What has inspired you most this past year?

Personally, I left the fast lane of life, slowed down and got back to nature. Reconnecting to my home, immediate families, old friends. Having more FaceTime with my kids and sit-down dinners every night has been a major source of joy and inspiration.

But also, the general resilience of we the people!! Strangers coming together to help one another - medically, physically, activism, supporting, donations. Like never before. We were all it it together and this common enemy brought out some wonderful humanity.

What are you most excited about for the future?

When it comes to our industry, I’m excited to see how consumers are becoming more ethical and looking to brands who have great values…over just being great value. Not in empty, performative ways but as a means of channelling their activism. Buying from small ethical companies. Those who care about their workers, source of materials, production quality and overall sustainable outlook.

What do you believe are the greatest challenges facing women today?

A lack of female leaders!!!

Why is it important to support and champion women?

Because when you witness a smart empowered confident woman in action - magic happens!!

Sadly though, the divisions still exist.

Pay inequality, double standards, way less C suite jobs, the list goes on… It’s not surprising to hear women suffer lack of confidence and self-doubt. It’s up to us all to support teach mentor and motivate women to encourage and unearth this power and never underestimate the brilliance of an empowered woman!

As a woman who wouldn’t be where I am today had I not been hired, mentored, loved and surrounded by (mainly) women all my life - it’s my duty to put my hand out to bring others up.

Whose words and views inspire you?

Michelle Obama. Also loving Abraham Hicks Daily podcast for a boost of motivational and clarity in the morning. And Ted Lasso. Hahaha.

Is it important to celebrate cultures outside of our own?  why?

When Local becomes global we become more conscious more rounded. Life gets bigger. Brighter. More colourful.

What do you love or remember most about Morocco?

The steamy Souk. The hustle and bustle. The artisan pots. Leathers. Blankets. The bright colours and the general tapestry of life.

What has changed your shopping habits over the last year?

I look to buy from small businesses. Over the internet or shopping local where possible. I buy brands I believe are ethical. Brands that I want a long-term relationship with rather than just a money - goods exchange.

If we adopt one new rule about shopping better, what would it be?

The above!! Put a little effort in and you find a treasure. We have a global market at our fingertips. Why would you not want to discover something magic that has a real-life story behind it?

Do you have any mantras or quotes you live by?

It’s all energy. All of it; Meaning that what you put out, you get back.

Who was your role model growing up?

My mum. My big sisters. Madonna.

Who is your style icon now?

Depends on my mood. Kind of obsessed with Rosie Huntington’s modern day Katherine

Hepburn vibes for day. Zendeya for glam. Lucy Boynton for cool.

Which Mish Mish product have you got your eye on?

Charm bracelets. Double finger rings!!  And I’m envisioning throwing on the sequin coat with a pair of cut off shorts come October!!

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