Product Description


The letters of the Tifinagh alphabet spell out the Amazigh word for "Choice" along a delicate Fairmined 22 Carat Gold Vermeil chain.  Simple claw clasp.  A tag engraved with our logo of Dihya, the Amazigh Warrior Queen and modern-day feminist icon, looking over you for protection and strength.


We plate our jewellery using 2.5 microns of Fairmined gold, a thicker layer than regular gold plated jewellery, making it longer lasting.  However, it is still important to look after your jewellery, so please read our tips on how best to care for your beautiful gold vermeil piece.


SKU: 22 Carat Gold Vermeil
  • All Mish Mish jewellery in our collection is handmade and hand-cut, which means no two pieces will be exactly the same. This makes y