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The Story

I first fell in love with Morocco when we visited as a family following the loss of my mother. We were touched by the warmth of the people, and the sense of an ancient culture steeped in the spiritual and the sensual. My husband and I returned a few times with our children and each time loved it more. It became clear to us that we needed to spend more time in this magical country. We also felt excited by the prospect of our children spending part of their childhood here; understanding and embracing a different culture, and appreciating a progressive, Muslim country.


And with this certainty we embarked on our Moroccan adventure.

Our family home is tucked away in the peaceful foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Although my mother had never visited Morocco, I know she would have loved it; I feel her presence here with me and it is a way of keeping her spirit alive.

We spend as much time as we can in Morocco and have forged strong bonds with new friends and our local Amazigh community. I felt that in order to really enjoy our new Moroccan life I had to find a way to give back: to do my part to celebrate this wonderful and embracing culture that had accepted my family and me, enriching our lives forever.

Jessica Miller

Mish Mish Marrakech - The Story Jessica Miller

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